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Which Building Will Be the Ugliest Addition to Brooklyn?

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Building is booming in Brooklyn, but what exactly is rising isn't always a boon to the borough. As developers push new buildings through the pipeline to capitalize on the real estate market, it seems like little heed is paid to what exactly these buildings look like so long as they can charge tons of money to whomever consents to live in them. While this doesn't seem like it'll slow up anytime soon, we can at least try to have some fun with it. So we've put together a poll of nine buildings rising in Brooklyn that, well, just look hands-down bad. Curious? Cast your vote for the least aesthetically appealing after the jump.

Poll results

· All 170 South 1st Street coverage [Curbed]
· All 533 Leonard Street coverage [Curbed]
· All 630 Lorimer Street coverage [Curbed]
· All 211 McGuinness Boulevard coverage [Curbed]
· All 55 Eckford Street coverage [Curbed]
· All 588 Myrtle Avenue coverage [Curbed]
· All 236 17th Street coverage [Curbed]
· All 635 Fourth Avenue coverage [Curbed]
· All 369 Berry Street coverage [Curbed]

55 Eckford Street

55 Eckford Street, Brooklyn, NY