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New Yorkers Should Embrace LaGuardia Overhaul, Says Critic

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Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to completely rebuild the La Guardia Airport was unveiled last week, and the overall response has not been particularly positive. New York Magazine critic Justin Davidson, in his latest piece, acknowledges that the plan is far from perfect, but comes down on the side of the new airports, arguing that we should embrace Cuomo's plan because it's better than the alternative, which is keeping the old, terrible La Guardia. "Governor Cuomo's plan to rebuild LaGuardia airport is a Band-Aid on our wheezing regional infrastructure, but it's one hell of a Band-Aid," Davidson writes.

He continues:

A new airport, if it performs as the instruction manual promises, could alleviate congestion for thousands of miles around, since a rash of delayed flights in Queens sends knots of misery rippling all over the nation. Conceivably, it could even make arriving in or departing from New York less of an ordeal.
A new LaGuardia will leave most — nearly all — of the region's transit problems unsolved. But the task of modernizing the city's antique machinery is a multigenerational job, and somebody has to start somewhere.

Davidson leaves unaddressed, however, the charges of some transportation experts who say that the delays will not actually be reduced since the new airport will not be adding any new runways.

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