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First Look at St. Vincent's Triangle Park in Greenwich Village

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Just two weeks ago, the small triangular park that sits across from the former St. Vincent's Hospital site was a lot more rough and tumble than it is now. Although the Villager claimed it was close to opening then, things are looking really ready for spectators now, as evidenced in a new group of photos snapped on a recent visit by Field Condition. Although FC notes that the park's centerpiece—the AIDS memorial sculpture designed by Studio a+1—is not in place, the park's benches look ready for sittin', its grass looks ready for loungin', and those water fountains look ready for sippin'. In late July, a honcho at Rudin Management, which is overseeing, along with Global Holdings, Inc., the park's redevelopment and reshaping by firm M. Paul Friedberg & Partners, told the Villager that company's just waiting on some final approvals from the city before opening the park, which is presumably what's delaying its opening still.

Field Condition has more views of the park.
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