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Awesome Panoramas of 10 Iconic New York City Sites

Being a location scout in New York City affords you the opportunity to visit a lot of really cool, not-that-accessible places, and Sam Rohn, a 20-year veteran of the scouting business, makes the most of these escapades by capturing the sites with 360-degree panoramas. His archives go deep, and his website features trippy panoramas of everything from a basement in Brooklyn to a village in Bali. In an email, he said his favorite places to shoot are those "that are somehow historical or unique, or otherwise difficult to access, and, of course, especially places related to the history of NYC." We picked 10 of those sites to highlight here, but there are dozens more to explore on Rohn's website.

United Nations General Assembly Hall in 2012.

↑ The 9/11 Memorial in 2014.

↑ On top of the Brooklyn Bridge in 2002.

↑ The Roosevelt Rotunda at the Museum of Natural History in 2008.

↑ The atrium at Temple Court in 2010.

↑ The Brooklyn Public Library in 2008.

Lincoln Center in 2010.

↑ The Rose Reading Room at the New York Public Library in 2010.

↑ The New York State Pavilion at the World's Fair Grounds in 2008.
· Sam Rohn [official]