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New York Is Still the Second Priciest U.S. City for Renters

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New Yorkers will never tire of complaining that the rent is too damn high, but at least we don't live in San Francisco. Zumper's latest rental reports are out, and San Francisco retains its spot as the most expensive city in the United States for renters, with a one-bedroom apartment costing an average of $3,500. In New York, the second most expensive city, one-bedrooms average $3,100, a 3.3 percent rise from last year. NoMad is still the priciest neighborhood in New York, with one-bedrooms asking $4,630 and two-bedrooms asking a whopping $7,300.

But as all renters know, there are deals to be found outside of Manhattan. Zumper puts the average for one-beds in Manhattan above the city-wide average at $3,275, while Brooklyn comes in at the average, $3,100. Queens is cheaper still, with one-bedrooms asking $2,300, but the real steals are in the Bronx and Staten Island, where one-bedrooms go for $1,475 and $1,100. That's right, you can get three Staten Island one-bedrooms for the price of one in Manhattan.

The report really hammers home just how expensive New York is by including stats on other major cities. One-bedrooms in Chicago are just $1,920, in Los Angels they're $1,750, and in Austin—one of the "hottest" markets, where rents rose a whopping 17 percent from last year—they are just $1,170. Ugh.
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