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Prospect Park's Most Overlooked Sections Will Be Restored

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The Prospect Park Alliance is gearing up to fund some improvements to the historic landmarked park's long-neglected northeast corner. The nonprofit is looking to give a much-needed makeover and cash infusion to the park's little-known and barren Rose Garden and Vale of Cashmere, a partially-abandoned reflecting pool full of rainwater and who knows what else. The Times describes the locales as "notorious for drug transactions and sexual activity" that has "scared off local residents" for too long. Ahead of the park's 150th anniversary, the organization is setting up a campaign to help pay for the improvements.

What exactly those improvements will be hasn't entirely been determined. The alliance is considering different options, but definitely aims to refurbish the vale to the same grandeur that was intended when Vaux and Olmstead, and later McKim, Mead, and White, developed the reflecting pool and water feature. The Rose Garden got a substantial update in the 1960s, when three water fountains were added to their grounds. But the fountains haven't been used in years and its eponymous plant is missing from the grounds. Interested parties have recommended an ampitheater or sculpture garden at the site, but the alliance will continue to solicit ideas from the public. "Right now it's a blank slate," Prospect Park Alliance president Sue Donoghue told the Times. "The entire park is landmarked, but the Rose Garden has been altered over the years. That gives us more leeway to reimagine the space."
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