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Court Denies Plaza's Request to Move Citi Bike Rack, Again

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We thought that the Plaza Hotel had already lost its fight to have the Citi Bike station across the street removed last year, but apparently they were still at it, having just lost again this week when a five-jude appellate panel ruled that the bike rack could stay. The hotel's attorney said that he is discussing a possible appeal with the Plaza. And good for him/them. There are a ton of judges in this city, and the Plaza shouldn't give up until every single one has told them to stop whining about the stupid bike rack. It's not like the Plaza's lawyers have anything more important to worry about.

In other Citi Bike news, Long Island City is getting 12 new stations this year, and the first one—the first in Queens—is opening today. The new station is located at Center Boulevard between Borden Avenue and 54th Avenue. The bike share program is also planning on putting stations in Astoria by the end of 2017.

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