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2 World Trade Center Will Likely Cost $4 Billion

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With a construction price tag of $3.8 billion, 1 World Trade Center is the most expensive office building in the world, but it could be surpassed by its neighbor. In a short piece about the tower's financing, the Post notes that 2 World Trade Center will cost $4 billion to construct (that's the same price as Santiago Calatrava's gleaming white oculus). Before this, reports only said that because the tower would be the most complicated of the site, it would be very expensive, but no exact numbers were given. Developer Silverstein Properties is reportedly seeking "an equity partner or mezzanine debt investor" to contribute $500 million to the tab, and the Post says this will likely come from "a pension fund or sovereign wealth fund."

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2 World Trade Center is the final tower of the 16-acre complex, and its design was just revealed in June. Previously, the tower was going to be a Norman Foster creation, but when News Corps. and 21st Century Fox signed a non-binding agreement to be the anchor tenant, they wanted to rethink the whole thing, so Silverstein brought in Bjarke Ingels. The new design features a stepped tower with multiple terraces and a glassy curtain wall. It will rise 1,340 feet, making it the second tallest tower of the bunch.

The Post reports that the media giant could sign an official lease by year's end, which would be construction could start next year. So if all goes as planned—and literally nothing has gone as planned with the rebuilding of the World Trade Center—the tower would be complete by 2020.
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2 World Trade Center

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