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10 NYC Homes With Lovely Outdoor Space for Less Than $1M

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Not every apartment can be home to a completely incredible, totally drool-worthy rooftop terrace, but dozens do come with private outdoor space. Warm weather seems to bring more of these listings to the market, and since we never tire of lusting after terraces and gardens, we rounded up 10 newly listed homes with delightful outdoor oases—all asking less than $1 million. The most expensive place on this list is a two-bedroom on West 85th Street with a rooftop deck (↑) that looks like it enjoys stellar sunset views. It's listed for $999,000.

(↑) Way out on the very tip of Brooklyn in Seagate, there's a house with its own private piece of beach. It's on the market for $988,000, and it also has a yard, in case you get sick of sand.

(↑) In Greenpoint, there's a landscaped 492-square-foot garden attached to a one-bedroom for $950,000.

(↑) "It may have taken some people a while to realize that Bushwick is a thriving and emerging hotbed of art and culture," reads the listing for this townhouse. "However, those individuals who are current and forward thinking can appreciate this particular Brooklyn neighborhood for what it is and the promise of what it soon will become." For $918,000, that promise includes a two-unit house with front and back yards.

(↑) A duplex in a brownstone on 122nd Street comes with a 16.8-foot by 50-foot private garden for $899,000.

(↑) This little slice of paradise costs $800,000 and is located in Spuyten Duyvil in the Bronx. It's a top-floor two-bedroom, and the balcony has sweeping views of the Hudson River and the Palisades.

(↑) A 388-square-foot "professionally landscaped" terrace comes attached to a duplex penthouse in Harlem for $669,000. The brokerbabble paints a picture: "This beautiful roof deck is complete with running water, electric outlets, up lighting and an automatic irrigation system. It is an elegant and peaceful al fresco dining and posh garden lounge in your own piece of private Manhattan sky."

(↑) In Park Slope, this a private oasis has a secret garden vibe going on, and the brokerbabble knows it: "Push open the wrought iron gates, and descend into a secluded, shared English garden that enchants us with its high brick walls, fragrant flowers and vegetation." The one-bedroom apartment is listed for $665,000. (Okay, so this one isn't totally private, but it's very pretty, and the building is small).

(↑) For $659,000, there's a one-bedroom in Murray Hill with a trellis-wrapped deck, perfect for a container garden.

(↑) And finally, this $595,000 Clinton Hill studio features a shady outdoor terrace with a hammock.

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