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Condo Conversion Carves An Atrium into Tribeca's 11 Beach

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Construction's moving right along at the 1910 office-turned-residential building at Tribeca's 11 Beach Street. Field Condition got an inside look at the site's conversion, where an atrium's been cut into the building's center to create the requisite light and air for New York City residential developments (Thanks, tuberculosis). At the base of the atrium will be 11 Beach's gym, topped by a sculptural glass ceiling. The development's 27 three- to five-bedroom units will be divided between 25 apartments, two penthouses, and three townhouses (which come with the increasingly more common amenity of private pools.) The building is being reworked by BKSK at the behest of developer HFZ Capital, and will have interiors by in-demand Danish design guru Thomas Juul-Hansen.

↑ A rendering of the sculptural glass ceiling that will top the building's gym.

For more pictures from the site, check out Field Condition.
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11 Beach Street

11 Beach Street, New York, NY 10013