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Brooklyn Townhouse Features a 25-Foot Mural of Brownstones

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What's more meta than a drawing of brownstones on the wall of a brownstone? In the Curbediverse, not a whole lot. Artist Steven Weinberg has returned to his old Brooklyn stomping grounds to draw just that (h/t Brownstoner). Weinberg, a children's book author and illustrator who left the city for the Catskills because he "needed some woods" recently finished a commission of a 25-foot Brooklyn streetscape mural inside a Crown Heights townhouse. The scene depicts the hodgepodge of buildings on any given Brooklyn block complete with whimsical flourishes like some buried dinosaur bones that were added for the benefit of Weinberg's client's son. "I spend so much time these days working on waaaaay smaller images I hope a child will one day come to love in a book," Weinberg writes on his blog, "It's something else to know my drawings will be THE THING hanging out behind this little dude while he grows up." D'aw.

↑ Weinberg worked on a few rounds of sketches.

'↑ The dinosaur bones up close.

↑ The finished mural.
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