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President Obama Eyeing NYC; Here's Where He Should Live

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With just a year and change left of his final term in office, President Barack Obama is beginning to make plans for his post-presidency years. It's looking like his official presidential library will be in Chicago, close to the Hyde Park home that he and First Lady have lived in for years. But recently, the President has apparently expressed interest in moving to New York City after the First Family leaves the White House, and Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University (the President's alma mater), recently said he was "looking forward to welcoming back our most famous alumnus" (the White House, predictable, is now downplaying those remarks). But if the Obamas decide to take up residence in the city, there's no shortage of places they could live—whether they're looking for a larger home for the whole brood or a smaller Manhattan pied-à-terre. Here are five options we found.

↑ First up in this eight-bedroom townhouse at 44 Grace Court in Brooklyn Heights, currently on the market for $8.75 million. With enough rooms for the entire Obama family—the President, Michelle, the kids, Sunny and Bo, and even Michelle's mom, Marian Robinson—this would be a great post-White House option. The house is located on a secluded cul-de-sac, so the family would have plenty of privacy, but it's also a short stroll from the 2/3 at Clark St, which would give the President an easy commute to Columbia. There's even an outdoor space so the First Lady could continue the gardening projects she's spearheaded at the White House. [Listing]

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↑ But maybe President Obama isn't looking for a house for the whole family; maybe he just wants a place where he can crash during the week when he's teaching at Columbia, or where he and Michelle can stay when they're in town to take in a Broadway show or grab dinner at a hot new restaurant. In that case, this three-bedroom in the historic El Dorado on Central Park West would fit the bill. The $7.775 million apartment has plenty of space (including extra bedrooms for Sasha and Malia), beautiful Central Park views, and access to the El Dorado's many amenities—including a half-court basketball court, something the hoops-loving President would surely enjoy. [Listing]

↑ In a similar vein, there's this modern, spacious three-bedroom penthouse in The Fitzgerald, a condo building on West 117th Street—a convenient location for the President, who could easily walk to Columbia from there. It's no White House, but the apartment is equipped with a 1,700-square-foot private rooftop terrace with views of Manhattan. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet, and there are two smaller bedrooms that'd be perfect for the Obama daughters. (Or hey, you never know when Joe Biden might just drop by.) [Listing]

↑ Of course, we wouldn't be surprised if the Obamas were looking for more of a homey, residential feel—and maybe for a neighborhood where the President had lived before. They'd find both in Park Slope (when he was still just Barack, he lived on the top floor of a brownstone on Second Street), and this nearly $5 million home along Montgomery Place, one of the neighborhood's most beautiful blocks, has plenty of space for the whole family. (There's even a studio apartment built into the ground level—maybe for when Malia turns 18 next year?) There's a lush backyard garden, as well as a roof that could be converted to a deck or another garden. [Listing]

↑ But if the experience of living in the White House has spoiled the family, and they simply must live in another grand home, there's this house in Douglaston, Queens—which is actually quite a steal at $2.67 million. The six-bedroom, four-bathroom manse was once owned by Andrew Cuomo (long before he was governor, though), and has plenty of nice features: a finished basement, enclosed sun porch, a grand entryway and staircase, and a kitchen that opens up onto the lush, landscaped yard. It's also within walking distance of a nearby marina, in case President Obama decides to take up boating once he leaves the White house. [Listing]
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