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Yet Another Garage-to-Condo Conversion Heading to the UWS

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[Rendering of 269 West 87th Street by FxFowle Architects, via YIMBY]

Will there be any parking garages left in NYC in a few years? If the redevelopment of those spaces continues at its current pace, the answer may be no. The latest garage-turned-condo: 269 West 87th Street, which was leased earlier this year by Simon Baron Development. YIMBY has a first look at the plans for the space—including a rendering of the proposed building replacing the garage, designed by FxFowle Architects—which calls for a 170-foot, 17-story residential tower.

There'll be 39 units spread over the building's ore than 100,000 square feet, and the plans seem to indicate a good number of luxury apartments. From YIMBY:

Two duplexes will fill the first two floors, followed by a full-floor unit on the second and three apartments each on the third through 11th floors. The 12th through 14th floors will host two units each, topped by three full-floor penthouses on the final three stories. The structure will also be set back after the 11th floor, creating large private balconies for residents on the 12th, 13th and 14th floors.

No word yet on a proposed date for completion or for the start of construction, but the garage will remain in use until construction begins.
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