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19th-Century Chelsea Townhouse Gets A Modern Makeover

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It took Jason Weinberg, "one of Hollywood's most revered talent managers," only 15 minutes to cut a deal to buy the 19th century, red brick Chelsea townhouse where he now lives with his family, but it took quite a bit longer to turn it into a modern, light-filled home. Weinberg hired his college friend, designer Alexandra Angle, and Halsted Welles Associates to remake the house, and the results of the two-year-long renovation received the Architectural Digest treatment. The four-story house was opened up, and the ground floor uses bookcases to provide "just enough feeling of separation" between cooking, dining, and living areas. Warm fabrics bring some of the "snug spirit" the family had in their former LA house, and pops of color add pizzaz to the kitchen, which is tucked beside the stairs.

And now for some "before" photos:

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