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New 'Affordable Luxury' Condos Coming to the Upper East Side

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The SHoP-designed building at 360 East 89th Street (formerly known as 1711 First Avenue) is no longer being billed as "affordable luxury," but don't worry, the Upper East Side will still be getting some oxymoronic condos. According to the Post, a new Karl Fischer-designed building at 302 East 96th Street has adopted the descriptor. Developed by Wonder Works, the 21-story project will add 48 condos to the neighborhood, and prices will be around $1,500 to $2,300 per square foot. Sales should launch next year.

The building is one of many that's counting on the Second Avenue Subway to boost its appeal, as its front door is just 200 feet from the future 96th Street stop. Wonder Works managing partner Eric Brody told the Post they are targeting buyers "who can't afford to be in all these downtown neighborhoods, but still wants to live in the city and have incredibly close access to a train."

The new development will replace a three-story garage, which Wonder Works snapped up in March for $24 million.

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