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Grand, Colorful $21M Fifth Ave Co-op Is Really Something Else

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There is definitely a lot going on at this Upper East Side apartment (well, Carnegie Hill, if you want to get technical). The five-bedroom, six-bathroom space is full of the things you'd expect from a traditional Fifth Avenue mansion: a library and a study, a formal dressing room, three (!) fireplaces, and a expansive foyer and hallway. The décor, though, is a bit…all over the place: There's trompe l'œil wallpaper in the bedrooms, mirrored cabinets in the kitchen (which feel oddly out of place), a marble entryway with contrasting tiles, and a very, very blue hallway. (The listing calls the home "exceptionally grand and elegant," which, sure.) If that sort of mishmash is your thing, this could all be yours for $21 million.

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