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Live In Lady Gaga's Lower East Side Building for $2,000/Month

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Back when Lady Gaga was just Stefani Germanotta, she lived in a one-bedroom apartment on Stanton Street, near the Lower East Side clubs (Pianos, 151) where she got her start. She even wrote some of her earliest hits in that apartment, according to a 60 Minutes interview from 2011—which is, coincidentally, the last time her former apartment in that building was on the market. Back then, it was renting for $1,850; now, Bowery Boogie reports that #4A is available again for $2,000 per month, via Naked Apartments.

According to the listing, the apartment has 10-foot ceilings, stainless-steel appliances, a bathroom with a full-sized tub, and even a skylight adding some much-needed sunlight to the kitchen.

Gaga only paid $1,150 for the place (allegedly), but considering that the median rental for the neighborhood hovers around $2,895 (according to StreetEasy), you may not be getting such a bad deal. But don't count on seeing Mama Monster around the neighborhood anymore—she's moved on to bigger, much more expensive things.
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