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Developer Sues Developer Over Use of "Seaport" Name

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[Via One Seaport]

It's only been a few weeks since Fortis Property Group launched a teaser site for its big glassy tower One Seaport, but it's already ruffling a few feathers down in the Financial District. According to The Real Deal, Jack Resnick & Sons—the Midtown-based developer of nearby One Seaport Plaza—is suing Fortis, alleging that the new building's name infringes on their trademark.

The lawsuit claims that Fortis took their name "in bad faith and with the willful intent to confuse customers and profit from the goodwill associated with Resnick's One Seaport Plaza trademark." Resnick is seeking damages and a restraint against Fortis from using the name.

Honestly, they should both be ashamed of themselves for stealing the name of one of the most endangered historic sites in America and appropriating it for their stupid "brands."
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