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See How NYC Rents Stack Up Against Other Global Cities'

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[Left: Curbed Flickr Pool / Lucas Roberts. Right: Flickr / LJU Photo.]

Sometimes it's easy to get along while justifying all of New York's pitfalls—the vermin, teeny tiny apartments, general unaffordability, and things of the like—but this time is not one of them. Constantine Valhouli's neighborhood-level reporting experiment NeighborhoodX has put together a new interactive map that shows users where else in the world they could be living for the average price of a two-bedroom rental in neighborhoods across the city (h/t Gothamist.) Residents of Yorkville might find a more suitable home in Oia on the breathtaking Greek island of Santorini, where a comparable $1,017/square foot rents a traditional cliffside home. Rents in Williamsburg compare to those in Rome's Centro Storico neighborhood; Soho's stack up against Kensington's and Chelsea's in London; Jackson Heights' to the affluent Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenberg-Wilmersdorf; and Carroll Gardens' to the culturally-rich Frogner in Oslo.

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