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Park Slope Landlord Plans More Luxury Condos for Fourth Ave

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Haysha Deitsch, the controversial landlord of the Prospect Park Residence retirement home, paid close to $10 million for two properties along Brooklyn's Fourth Avenue, where he plans to erect an 11-story apartment building. Deitsch is known as one of Park Slope's worst landlords, trying to get rid of the seniors who live at the facility in his attempts to sell the building. Over on Fourth Avenue, he paid $6.5 million for L-and-B Auto Repair and $3.3 million for the next-door car detailing shop Millionaires Playground between President and Carroll Streets, according to Brooklyn Paper.

Deitsch filed building permits at 243 Fourth Avenue last Wednesday, which indicate an 118-foot-tall, 11-story residential development with 35,500 square feet. There will be 16 apartments total averaging about 2,000 square feet per unit. According to YIMBY, the building amenities include a pet spa, bike storage, a children's play room in the cellar, and a recreation space on the third floor. There will also be 3,171 square feet of commercial space and a 271-square-foot community facility on the ground floor.

Ground-floor commercial space is always good news for Fourth Avenue development, as a previous rezoning didn't require it and earned the thoroughfare the nickname of the "Canyon of Mediocrity." The design of this new building, however, probably won't stand out from all the development along Fourth—the architect is Karl Fischer, responsible for a number of so-so buildings lining the thoroughfare.

As for the owner of the development, Haysha Deitsch, he's still at war with the remaining seniors living at the retirement facility, and a previous deal to sell the building for $76.5 million fell through when the tenants would not leave. He's previously been charged with refusing to turn on the building's air conditioning, raising the rents, and handing residents eviction notices when they refused to pay increased rents.
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