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See the Layout of Tribeca's Staple Street Skybridge Apartment

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Last week, the Internet flared up over murmurs that two Tribeca apartments connected by a skybridge—yes, a skybridge—were on the market. It turns out the listing, held by Kaptan Unugur and Ryan Serhant of Nestseekers, is occurring off-market, so details of the once-every-30-years-or-less listing have been limited to the few Gothamist divulged at the end of last week—that is, until now. Tribeca Citizen has gleaned a floorplan of the apartment that spans 9 Jay Street and 67 Hudson Street #3AB. Although the listing price of the apartment hasn't been made public, the Post says it's somewhere in the $30 million vicinity.

Here's what we know about the apartment: it includes exclusive use of the Staple Street skybridge, which connects apartment 3AB in 67 Hudson Street, the former New York Hospital's House of Relief, with 9 Jay Street, an annex for the hospital built in 1907; the apartment covers 6,300 square feet in total that are being billed as "ample space to create a majestic five bedroom, five bathroom home," suggesting that it's pretty bare in there right now; the building at 9 Jay Street can also be converted for commercial use. And the kicker: its common charges are $1,481.86 and its annual taxes are a hefty $70,395. The price is available by request only, meaning it'll take only one brave (or foolhardy) soul to inquire and set the record straight. And now, the floorplan:

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