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Long Island Mansion Asks $100M Because Why Not?

The owners of this Long Island mansion paid $15.85 million for it in the year 2013. Now it is 2015, and they have put it back on the market for $100 million, because...well, that is the question. "It's almost like the sellers at this price point have some other objective, or there's just a massive disconnect with what the state of the market actually reflects," real estate appraiser Jonathan Miller told Vanity Fair, categorizing the listing in a larger trend of "vanity listings" (such as this New York City penthouse, also asking a never-in-a-million-years-going-to-actually-get $100 million).

Asking price aside, the Long Island mansion does have a number of features that you might expect from an unfathomably expansive house, such as a hair salon, wine vault and tasting room, indoor racquetball court, several indoor pools, a "lazy river," and, for good measure, 13 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms.

Inside the $100 million mansion >>