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Red Hook's Huge Waterfront Tech Complex Revamps Design

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Italian developer Est4te Four has big plans for the Red Hook waterfront. The firm is already hard at work on transforming the former New York Dock Company building at 160 Imlay Street into pricey condos, and they've also floated plans for a huge creative industries campus for the waterfront—specifically, the piers between Louis J. Valentino Pier and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Last year, architecture firm NBBJ created renderings for the piers project, but those have since been scrapped; today, YIMBY revealed new additional renderings for the project, created by Raft Architects.

The plans for the piers are still very similar to what Est4te revealed last year: The 1.1-million-square-foot campus will have space for manufacturing and retail, along with a hotel, an events venue, plenty of green space, and a "marine education school." Raft will also incorporate storm-proofing techniques, using, in their words "a series of biological and constructed strategies."

But the design itself looks quite different from NBBJ's plans, with the structure of the pre-war brick buildings preserved sans glass toppers, and what appears to be even more parkland around the campus. Raft wants to extend the Brooklyn Greenway with a mile of waterfront pathways, and create elevated parks to take advantage of the neighborhood's waterfront views. The new renderings also show how the campus would be connected to the building at 160 Imlay Street, thanks to the creation of those pathways.

But, as YIMBY notes, Est4te still needs funding to move forward with the plans:
Over the last three years, Est4te Four has spent $61 million buying up six properties between Ferris, Coffey, Sullivan Streets and New York Harbor. But the project probably won't get off the ground unless an ambitious investor is willing to acquire a 49% stake in it. UPDATE: A representative from NBBJ has informed us that the new renderings from Raft are for a project that's proposed in addition to NBBJ's original designs. Cushman & Wakefield is currently in the process of finding an equity partner for that project, which will be located north of the complex proposed by Raft. Curbed regrets the error.
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