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SHoP's Wacky Towers On the East River Are On the Rise

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The last time we checked in with SHoP Architects' slanted buildings at 626 First Avenue, they were just starting to make their mark on the East River waterfront. The towers, which will be connected by a skybridge (though not one you can buy), aren't expected to be completed until 2017, but the curved shape that will distinguish them from nearby buildings is starting to become apparent—as one Redditor pointed out in a post, "It looks like the taller building is trying to help his drunk building friend from falling over." (Gothamist, which first noticed the photo above, called it "New York City's very own Leaning Tower Of Pisa.") The fancy amenities that come with the place include an infinity pool, fitness center, squash court, boxing gym, a "demo kitchen" with a dining room, a playroom, and a screening room.

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