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A Funky, Whimsical Four-Bedroom In The Dakota Seeks $17.5M

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Even with its recent co-op board troubles, The Dakota remains one of New York City's toniest—and most desired—addresses. And while you might expect apartments in the landmarked building to be staid, rather fussy spaces, that's not always the case. See, for example, this recently listed four-bedroom apartment, on the market for $17.5 million. It has a lot going on, design-wise: bright blue area rugs, flooring that's straight out of Q-Bert, walls painted to look like clouds, etc. (Thank the current owners for that—previously, it was just another formal, sort of fussy apartment.) The space itself also comes with nice touches, including both an eat-in kitchen and a formal dining room, a library, and a gallery. We're sure you could change up the interiors after buying the space, but after seeing that 8-bit-style bathroom tile, why would you?

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The Dakota

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