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NYC's Most Expensive Condo Will Measure 18,000 Square Feet

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Rumors of hedge funder Ken Griffin's major buy in 220 Central Park South have been rampant the past few weeks, but they've remained just that: rumors. Although nothing's been filed that confirms Griffin's buy, CNBC's come out with a few particulars of the deal that make it seem more, er, legit. Sources close to the deal say Griffin has purchased three apartments in the middle of the 65-story building that amount to about $200 million. That price would not only set the new record for Most Expensive Condo in New York City, but would shatter and just about double the current record-holder, a $100.5 million spread at One57.

CNBC reports that the triplex will cover about 18,000 square feet and will include a main residence as well as separate space for staff, help, and guests. Although the apartment would be easy to write off as the result of a billionaire's mid-life crisis, sources say that the apartment will be an investment property rather than a residence for Griffin. That's some investment, but Griffin's really just shuffling in the well-worn grooves of other wealthy hedge funders.

[Update: An anonymous tipster took to the tipline to say that Ken Griffin is not the buyer, but offered no more intel.]
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220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South, New York, NY