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New Condos Are Coming to West 14th Street

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It's been about a little over a year since the nonprofit FedCap Rehabilitation Services sold its 14th Street property to Adellco for just under $27 million. Now, with the former four-story demolished, YIMBY found renderings posted on the construction fence surrounding the site, where a new mixed-use tower is ready to take its place.

The building—which was designed by Goldstein, Hill & West—set to rise at 209 West 14th Street will be 11 stories, consisting of 35,959 square feet of residential space, 464 square feet of retail space, and a whopping 284-square-foot "community center," which will presumably be used as a closet for the various brooms of the community.

The condos themselves will average a very spacious 1,700 square feet, ranging from one- to three-bedrooms. It looks like most of the condos will have floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies. According to YIMBY, there will also be a penthouse that will take up the entire 11th floor.
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