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Yet Another Ball Pit for Adults Has Opened on the LES

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[All photos by Scott Lynch/Gothamist. Click through for more.]

Remember that weird "ball pit for adults" that everyone was talking about? No, not that one. Not that one either. Yeah, that one. Well get ready, because another one has opened up, this time at the Shin Gallery on the Lower East Side. Photographer Scott Lynch stopped by and snapped a few pics for Gothamist.

The piece is part of conceptual artist John Baldessari's installation, Come, Sweet Death, which Shin describes as "an immersive exhibition that inhabits John Baldessari's monumental 'A Fix'd Inflexible Sorrow' by translating elements of his work through the existential lens of Jean-Paul Sartre." It's also named for a song from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and there are nooses hanging over the pit "as an overarching reminder that our shared 'fix'd inflexible sorrow' unavoidably looms overhead, but is ultimately out of our hands." Ahem.

Despite ArtFCity's claims that this is a great place to pick up similarly whimsically-minded dates (or, let's be real, a staph infection), when Lynch visited, it was "filled with teenage boys engaged in an after-school free-for-all, hucking balls at each other with gleeful abandon," which sounds like a very distinct and horrific vision of hell.

In any event, so many adult ball pits in such a short amount of time surely constitutes a "trend" and the fact that the Style section of The Times has yet to run an article is a serious oversight on their part.
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