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How Many Calories Can You Burn Between NYC Subway Stops?

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New Yorkers are far from the most sedentary of city dwellers, given all of the schlepping that comes along with taking public transit as opposed to hoping into a car, but a website wants to promote paring down subway commutes in favor of walking, running, or cycling that extra stop. The data wizzes at Treated have crunched the numbers to discover the amount of calories an average person could burn by walking between each of the city's subway stops (and yes, the map canvases every single on of 'em.) Treated also charted the longest stops and the amount of calories someone could burn walking, running, or cycling between them. It should come as no surprise that a handful of the top ten longest legs are over the city's bridges, but a little jog is made a lot less insufferable by stunning views, right?

Treated also looked into how many calories people burn by traveling between the city's 16 shortest stops. For a 4 minute walk between Union Square and First Avenue on the L, a person can burn 18 calories, or all but 4 of the calories in a Hershey Kiss.

Treated used online tools using standardized points of reference—like weight and speed traveled—to come up with the calorie counts, which means that they aren't hard and fast. But hey now, it's the end of summer and very nearly one of the nicest seasons in the city; really time to get out there and move.
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