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Here's What SHoP's 1,428-Foot Tower Will Actually Look Like

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Revealing our #111w57 Visual Mock Up: terracotta, glass, and bronze filagree #vmu #gasp #buildingthedream #jdsconstruction @shoparchitects

A photo posted by JDS Development Group (@jdsdevelopmentgroup) on

Up until this point, SHoP's slender, soaring tower rising at 111 West 57th Street has only really existed in renderings (and probably also as a showy and expensive oversized miniature model that lives in the crypt-like safe of developer JDS, but that's beside the point.) And now, nothing says "It's Coming" like the Instagram that JDS just posted picturing a built-out sample of the building's facade (h/t tipster). It looks just like the renderings promised: its terracotta, glass, and bronze filigree twinkle in the light, meaning that the city's slenderest skyscraper just might look more like a sunbeam than one of the tallest towers in New York City.

[Renderings via SHoP Architects.]

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111 W 57th St

111 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019