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Go Inside Pope Francis's NYC 'Home Away From Rome'

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Pope Francis won't be in New York City for another few days, but his visit is already causing headaches for Upper East Side residents. When His Holiness is in town, he'll be staying in a townhouse at 20 East 72nd Street, which is owned by the Holy See's UN envoy, Archbishop Bernardito Auza. And in a new video (h/t 6sqft) from Regis High School about the Pope's so-called "home away from Rome," the history of the house is revealed. The 11,000-square-foot, five-story home was built in 1894, and was for many years the residence of the prominent Grant family, who remained in the townhouse until the 1970s. Some fun fact: the house has a private chapel (built by the same architects who designed Regis High School), which was commissioned by its former owner, Julia Murphy Grant; the iron doors of the home feature the Coat of Arms of the Holy See; and three different popes—John Paul II, Benedict, and Francis—will have stayed there by week's end.

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