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Midtown West Co-op With Extra-Long Terrace Seeks $3.25M

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Even the smallest patch of grass or balcony can feel like a luxury to nature-starved New Yorkers, so it's especially exciting when an apartment comes with what feels like an abundance of outdoor space. This Midtown West apartment, located in an old button factory between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, fits the bill, with a 55-foot-long terrace that basically hugs the entire side of the apartment—and it doesn't hurt that there are Empire State Building views from that balcony. The rest of the apartment is built loft-style, with a large living room and open kitchen (which have 11-foot ceilings), as well as elevators that open directly onto the floor. Interestingly, there's a separate, smaller apartment contained within this unit, with a small bedroom, bathroom, balcony, and common area that the listing touts as perfect "for income, or for your guests." (Are they basically telling prospective tenants to rent that portion out via AirBnb? Hmm.)

Listing: 241 West 26th Street [Stribling via StreetEasy]