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Call for submissions: see your home featured on Curbed!

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Do you have a cool, quirky, fantastic home in NYC? We want to see it!

Curbed's House Calls series takes readers inside the homes of New Yorkers (and Angelenos, San Franciscans, Chicago residents, and more), and effective immediately, we're looking for volunteers with beautiful, offbeat, eclectic, or just refreshingly cozy dwellings to invite us in for a visit and a photo shoot. Perhaps you live in a 90-square-foot microdwelling or quirky Mott Haven apartment or a houseboat on the Hudson River. Maybe you live in a veritable cabinet of curiosities, or you renovated a townhouse from top to bottom. Did you design a kid-friendly condo to fit your growing family? Do you shack up with four roommates in a converted Bushwick warehouse? Whatever it is you call home, we want to see it—and share it.

If you would like to be considered for a story, send us an email (put "House Calls" and your name in the subject line, please) with a couple of photos of your place. Tell us something about it: where it is; how many people live there; and a few words about your style and your stuff. Also feel free to nominate your shy friends! (With their permission, of course.) Sorry brokers and landlords, we are only looking to feature homes and apartments that are neither for sale or rent. Let's do this.

And now, a look back at some of the interesting, lovely New York homes that have been featured on House Calls:

Max Touhey for Curbed

↑ Publicist Helen Zhang has created a minimalist yet cozy home in a Chinatown studio that basically qualifies as a microdwelling.

↑ Mary Helen Rowell lives in a 90-square-foot studio in the West Village. "You have to keep it in check," says Rowell. "It always has to be neat." There's a delicate balance with what can fit in the apartment. "My boyfriend tried to give me a book last week, and I said, 'No, there is no place for this.'"

Inside the Scalleywag

↑ A married couple ditched their Manhattan apartment to live aboard a 200-square-foot houseboat, which they bought for a song and have since renovated into a charming, totally livable space.

Alessandro Lunardi House Calls

↑ An artistic couple fills their Midtown loft with all sorts of avant-garde pieces, creating a gallery-like atmosphere in the 3,000-square-foot space.

↑ Two handy Brooklyn roommates turned a Boerum Hill studio into a two-bedroom apartment with an events space and workshop.

↑ Not only is the Lent-Riker Smith homestead one of the oldest buildings in New York City, but because many of the five boroughs' older historic homes have been converted into house museums, Marion Duckworth Smith holds that it is the oldest "inhabited private dwelling" in the city—and, she believes, the country.