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Rentals Hiding Cathedral of St. John the Divine Nearly Complete

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[All images via Curbed Flickr Pool / R B.]

The Brodsky Organization's rippling towers of rentals just north of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights are looking very nearly complete these days, which is to say that they, at 15 stories, almost completely eclipse the view of the world's largest cathedral from 113th Street. The 428 rentals will help subsidize the maintenance and construction of the unfinished 123-year-old church by providing it $5 million a year for the duration of Brodsky's 99-year lease. The two buildings, called Enclave at the Cathedral, will be connected by a gallery below the church's new transept stairs, which will remain the only portion of the building that's visible from the north (and is the only portion of the building that Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman says should be obscured.)

According to its teaser site, Enclave will be complete this fall and will take the address 400 West 113th Street.

Enclave isn't the only development on the church's 12-acre close. In 2006 the cathedral entered a 99-year lease with developer AvalonBay to erect the 296-unit rental building, Avalon Morningside Park, on the southeastern side of the close.
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