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Brooklyn's Pacific Park Megaproject Just Keeps Growing

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The megaproject formerly known as Atlantic Yards (but, really, still known as Atlantic Yards to just about everyone) is roaring to life in Prospect Heights, with four residential buildings underway and a fifth not far behind. The Real Deal reports that plans were filed with the Department of Buildings for a 26-story building at the corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, across the street from the Barclays Center. The Marvel Architects-designed building will hold a 70,000-square-foot school on its first five floors and 323 apartments above that.

Residential amenities will be on the sixth floor of the building, where there will also be eight apartments. From the seventh floor and up, there will be 14 to 18 apartments per floor. On the 17th floor, units will have private terraces, and the building will be topped by a rooftop terrace.

Atlantic Yards Watchdog Norm Oder points out that previous agreements regarding the development call for an "approximately" 100,000-square-foot school, which, uh, is not the same as the 69,858-square-foot school that's indicated on the filed plans.

On the map above, the building is labeled as B15. Part of the site is currently vacant, while part of it is still occupied by three townhouses, which the Empire State Development Corporation seized through eminent domain earlier this year. Demolition permits for the three houses were filed in July. The final amount that the homeowners received was not made public, but it was reported that the state was offering the homeowners a measly $1.5 million for the houses, even though that's not enough to buy a comparable home in Prospect Heights (and the state knows this—they were offering people houses in Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy). Brownstoner reported that the families wanted $3 million a piece, which is what Forest City paid holdout Daniel Goldstein for his condo that was in the arena's footprint.
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