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There's a Mini Coney Island Boardwalk At the Milan Expo

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Earlier this year, Camera Obscura columnist Nathan Kensinger visited Coney Island to chat with residents and activists about the Boardwalk, which is slowly but surely being torn down and replaced with concrete slabs. As pieces of that historic wooden walkway are removed, they've occasionally been sold to other architects or designers and incorporated into things like furniture or public benches—and a new video by BRIC (the same organization behind the Celebrate Brooklyn! concert series) shows one of the more unlikely locations that Coney Island slabs have been exported to: Milan, Italy, for use in the USA pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo. The video features interviews with James Biber, the architect who worked on the expo pavilion, along with Coney Island residents who are, unsurprisingly, not happy that their boardwalk is being exported around the world. But Biber thinks it's a good thing: "The Boardwalk is an important piece of America," he explains. (h/t Sheepshead Bites)

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