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Sleek Wood-Accented Condo Coming to Industrial Gowanus

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The tire shops and small brick homes of Gowanus are about to be joined by a modern, glassy apartment building. YIMBY has the scoop on renderings for a five-story building at 96 16th Street, between Third and Fourth Avenues, to be designed by architect Jorge Mastropietro Atelier. The small lot the structure will occupy is currently home to a two-story house, but Mastropietro's plans call for a 50-foot-tall, energy-efficient building that will house four units. According to YIMBY, there will be a ground-floor duplex, two full-floor units on the second and third floors, and another duplex on the top two floors. Each unit will also have its own private outdoor space. The facade also has plenty of wood accents, which a JMA project manager said was inteded to "provid[e] a warm contrast to the predominantly industrial neighborhood."

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