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Two Brooklyn Bridge Park Board Members Bought At Pierhouse

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Just a few days after a judge ruled that Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pierhouse can ascend to its full height, the controversial condo development is back in the news. DNAinfo has uncovered that two Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation board members who helped approve the contentious luxury condo development within the park's boundaries were amongst the first to purchase condos in the building. David Offensend and Henry Gutman signed purchase agreements for condos in March 2014, shortly after they came to market. Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation has championed the development within the state-owned parkland's boundaries, and will use property taxes garnered from the sale of its units on park upkeep.
Brooklyn Bridge Park's Vice President, Belinda Cape, upholds in an email to DNAinfo that Offensend, who stepped down from the BBPC's Board of Directors in July, and Gutman, who's still on the board, took all appropriate steps before signing on the dotted line,

Directors who signed contracts for units in the Pier 1 development followed all requirements of BBP's Code of Ethics, including disclosure of the contract and recusal from votes pertaining to their interest as determined in consultation with Corporation Counsel. Further, these directors obtained clearance from Corporation Counsel prior to executing contracts in March 2014 and affirmed in writing that they purchased at market value and received no special dispensation, gifts or favors whatsoever in connection with the transaction. Which units Offensend and Gutman purchased is still unclear.
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