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Novogratz's West Village Hoops House Tries Again at $16M

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Bob Novogratz's West Village townhouse is one of those homes that just won't sell. Despite interesting amenities like a private garage, rooftop terrace, and a basketball court, the five-bedroom home has been on the market for six years (yes, you read that correctly), and its price has bounced around a bunch in that time. Its very first asking price, all the way back in 2009, was $25 million; then, it went down to $19.95 million; it was chopped further to $17.45 million; the price crept back up, first to $18.5 million and then $22 million; and now, we've come to this point, where it's listed for the all-time low of $15.95 million. Will this be the time that the Novogratz clan actually has some luck with it? If history is anything to go by, probably not; but there was interest while the home was briefly on the rental market (Heidi Klum was one of the renters), so who knows?

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400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY