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Governors Island's Rolling Hills Are Ready for Your Instagrams

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It's a nice view @governorsisland

A photo posted by Alexandra Lange (@langealexandra) on

Out in New York Harbor just south of Manhattan, teams of people are hard at work transforming the topography of Governors Island to include four hills ranging from 25- to 70-feet in height that will boost visitors for some of the city's most magnificent views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The Hills are the last section of the flood-resistant park Dutch architecture firm by West 8 designed for the 172-acre island. When complete, the hills will be embedded with giant slides, wooded pathways, and grassy lawns, and although the hills are now at full height, they're not quite there yet. The Trust For Governors Island invited a few spectators to check out their progress before the public descends on them for the first time this weekend—they'll open to the public in earnest in the spring of 2017, the Times says. Lucky for us, Curbed's Critical Eye columnist Alexandra Lange was in the crowd and posted a few photographs of the hills to her Instagram.

New view @governorsisland // the public can visit the new Hills this weekend.

A photo posted by Alexandra Lange (@langealexandra) on

The Trust For Governors Island is also diligent about documenting the island's changing landscape ↓

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