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Big Reveal: $835K for a Pre-War Upper East Side 2-Bedroom

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Okay, we get it: Many of the commenters this week weren't impressed with this apartment, even less so after the listing was updated with a maintenance fee of $1,905. "Even for a Guantanamo prisoner that 'bedroom' is small," said Captain Cranky. "the more i think about it, the less i like it," remarked alextribeca. "Definitely working with a shady broker here," said Countess Luann, who came the closest with a guess of $825,000. In fact, the apartment is listed for $835,000, with that slightly high maintenance cost—which does, to be fair, include utilities. The apartment is located on the 15th floor of 205 East 78th Street, a quiet block between Second and Third Avenues.

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