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A Historic Look Back at Brooklyn's Arterial Atlantic Avenue

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The Atlantic Antic takes over the thoroughfare on Sunday. Photo by a katz/Shutterstock

Prepare yourself: The 41st annual Atlantic Antic takes over the Brooklyn thoroughfare on Sunday, turning a wide swath of the neighborhoods between Brooklyn Heights and Prospect Heights into one big ol' party. The street festival began in 1974, and has served to promote the businesses and culture along Atlantic Avenue ever since—expect to see plenty of food vendors and shops selling their wares for the afternoon. And while the mile-and-change-long throughway has changed a lot over the years—and will continue to do so, thanks to real-estate developers—some things remain the same. For one, Montero's Bar is still there (although possibly not for long—be still, our hearts). And many of the structures that were built decades ago remain, including the MTA headhouse at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, or the Belarusian church on the corner of Bond Street. To get a sense of what the thoroughfare once looked like, check out these ten vintage photos.

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