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#PopeInNYC: Tracking Pope Francis's New York City Visit

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Pope Francis has officially arrived in New York City: After touching down at JFK Airport yesterday, His Holiness traveled to St. Patrick's Cathedral for a service, then to his residence on East 72nd Street. And he's got a busy day ahead of him: He's at the United Nations to address the General Assembly, and then will make his way to the World Trade Center; from there, he heads to a school in Harlem, and then through Central Park for a processional, and finally to Madison Square Garden for a huge mass. (Phew.)

Unsurprisingly, the visit is causing plenty of traffic SNAFUs, as streets around those sites are closed off—and as crowds descend to get a glimpse of the Pope's visit. And if you're one of the faithful following Pope Francis's travels through the city today, we want to hear from you—send your photos of the Pope to the tipline, or fins us on Twitter. We'll update this post throughout the day.

No Drone Zone. #popenyc #popefrancis #pope

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Solid Pope parade strategy.

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Operation #Pope. #uws #nyc #cpw

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Diverse religious communities stand alongside Pope Francis as he offers his wisdom. #PopeinNYC

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Popevision #popeinnyc

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Habemus papam

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Waiting for the pope francis in new york. #pope #popefrancis #newyork #fifthavenue #pixoftheday #september24

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