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Is Midwood the Hottest Neighborhood in New York?

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[East Midwood Jewish Center]

Surprise, surprise: Midwood—the land of yeshivas, Brooklyn College, and the ruins of New York's once proud film industry—may very well be the hottest neighborhood in New York, DNAinfo reports. According to the most recent StreetEasy market report, apartments in the South Brooklyn enclave spent just 11 days on the market in August 2015. Prospect Park South came second, with apartments spending a median of 13 days on the market. Both areas had median asking rents of $1,900/month, which is likely part of the draw.
"Prospect Park South and Midwood are the markets with the shortest time on market because renters are clamoring for a 24/7 community that is relatively affordable, and they're finding it in South Brooklyn," said Alan Lightfeldt of StreetEasy.
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