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Suze Orman's Plaza Apartment On the Market for $4.5M

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Back in 2007, financial guru Suze Orman purchased a small apartment at the Plaza Hotel for $3.6 million, and in 2014, she told the Wall Street Journal that part of the appeal was—no surprise here—the relatively low price: "The same apartment on the other side with park views was $3 million more," she explained. But it looks like Orman is moving on: The one-bedroom apartment, which she purchased with her wife Kathy Travis, is back on the market for $4.5 million. (Flipping it for $1 million more than you paid? Sounds like a financial do!) Orman's tasteful apartment has been on the market for about three weeks, and the brokerbabble talks up its customized features: cream-colored kitchen cabinetry, marble bathrooms (there are two!), and coordinated silk linens in the bedroom. No word on where Orman is moving to, but we're sure it will be similarly practical: She also told the WSJ that "if I can't write a check for it, I can't afford it."

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