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Big Reveal: $379,000 for a One-Bedroom Co-op in Inwood

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It turns out, the real estate market in Inwood isn't that unfamiliar to Curbed readers. Many commenters who guessed in this week's Pricespotter came very close to the actual asking price of this one-bedroom at 91 Payson Avenue: $379,000. Melp was the first to guess it exactly, so (s)he wins. Now to the more important take-aways: everyone loved this apartment and our square footage estimate was way off, so, uh, sorry about that! First, the nice things people said: "Gorgeous." "Very nice reno." "Love the bathroom and the views of the Cloisters. I also love that the current tenants are using the closet as a nursery." "Would be close to a mil in prime village location." As for the square footage, it's not noted on the listing, and we botched our estimate. The brokers emailed to say that it's closer to 650 square feet, which is what several commenters said as well. But our screw-up doesn't seem to have screwed up too many people.

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