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10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for NYC Obsessives

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Thanks to the popularity of Instagram, there's no shortage of photographers out there capturing the beauty of New York City—its streetscapes, architecture, quotidian scenes, and everything in between. And these ten Instagrammers are some of our favorites for seeing the city through new eyes, whether it's a photo taken from the top of the Manhattan Bridge (yikes!), or a snap of Williamsburg that could have just as easily been in Havana, Cuba.


A photo posted by Sam Horine (@samhorine) on

Post no selfie St. Marks Ave., Brooklyn

A photo posted by The Written City (@writtencity) on

A photo posted by Ryan Parrilla (@novess) on

A photo posted by Humza Deas (@humzadeas) on


A photo posted by @mell0wfell0w on

Maintenance building @prospect_park

A photo posted by Alexandra Lange (@langealexandra) on

A photo posted by nyonair (@nyonair) on

A photo posted by @sirroyston on

The Instagrammer known as sirroyston captures incredible nighttime scenes of New York City, but his photographs of the NYC subway make an oft-maligned part of city living look downright beautiful. · 10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Design Obsessives [Curbed National]
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