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Clinton Hill's Brooklyn Bridge-Inspired Condo Revealed

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After no less than seven years in development purgatory, the lot at 538 Washington Avenue's finally been assigned a fate; and it's rather nice, considering it was once eyed for development by spurned architect Robert Scarano. The lot between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue will give rise to 10 condos developed by Sam Boymelgreen and designed by Luca Andrisani. Andrisani created a building with a copper screen facade that the building's teaser site describes as "an abstract expression of the Brooklyn Bridge," and while we don't see, it's a nice sentiment (h/t BBH). Maybe something about the perforated screens or the apartments' handful of small windows had a little something to do with why the development is now called Aperture 538.

The building will have a mix of apartments ranging in size from studios to three-bedrooms, and some apartments will have home offices and/or private outdoor space. All of the kitchens will come outfitted with Liebherr, Sharp, and Bosch appliances.
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