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Brooklyn Bridge Park's 140-Slip Marina Is Taking Shape

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While new sections of parkland at Brooklyn Bridge Park are closely watched and tracked (especially when they involve new housing), the marina beside Pier 5 has flown a bit under the radar. An RFP for the marina was issued in September 2013, an operator was chosen last year, and this summer, the park hosted a temporary marina to test the waters (ha). The marina, at eight acres and 140 slips, is "the largest recreational marina to be developed in New York Harbor in 50 years," according to the Brooklyn Eagle. The Journal reports that construction is well underway, and the owners, Edgewater Resources LLC and Singapore's SUTL Group had to get a little creative because the marina is being built atop the R train's Montague Tubes.

The solution was to sink 160 giant concrete blocks, weighing ten tons each, to the bottom of the East River, according to Tim O'Brien, general manager of the marina. A large, elastic bungee cord-like mooring system called Seaflex will be used to connect the dock on the water's surface to the concrete block below. The elastic system, in contrast to using large metal chains, is preferable for marinas located in bodies of water where waves are rough as on the east River, Mr. Weykamp noted.Tour boats and commuter ferries cause a lot of waves, so the marina also utilizes "a breakwater pontoon system that is comprised of concrete units that are about 17 feet wide and 6 feet deep." It was shipped from Finland, and will block the majority of the wakes.

The decks of the marina will be translucent to minimize shade under the docks "so predator fish wouldn't permanently reside there" (uh, what kind of predator fish should we be looking out for?).

The marina, officially named One° 15 Brooklyn Marina, is set to open next spring, and 145 people have already signed up to be part of the sailing club. Two percent of the marina's revenues will help fund community programs, like sailing lessons and kayaking, run by local nonprofits on one of the four docks.

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201