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These Are the Most Expensive Buildings Sold in 2015 (So Far)

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Residential real estate in New York City can seem overwhelming these days, what with apartments selling for $30 million, and houses renting for upwards of $18,000 per month. But get into the world of commercial real estate, and that's when things become truly over-the-top: Just last month, 11 Madison Avenue sold for $2.6 billion to SL Green Realty, making it the biggest single-building transaction ever in New York's history. The Real Deal recently rounded up even more of the city's biggest deals into one short video, which you can see above.

Rounding out the top five: The Helmsley Building, which went for $1.2 billion; The Crown Building at 730 Fifth Avenue, sold for $1.77 billion; The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which sold for $1.95 billion; and 1095 Sixth Avenue, which netted $2.2 billion.
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